Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Life easily gets out of hand if I don't pay attention. I'm often inclined to procrastinate. In an effort to keep things in perspective (and hopefully, as a result, productive), I've decided to make a list of resolutions to try and live by this year. Here they are:

Practice guitar properly at least once a week (read notation)

Practice piano properly at least once a week (read notation)

Exercise at least twice a week

Save money (at least $10,000 to lock off in a long term deposit account)

Eat healthy (no soft drinks, sugar, cook own meals more, drink more water)

Get into a habit of cleaning the house regularly (dishes, vacuum, gardening)

Wake up early every day

Read at least several times a week


In order to facilitate the above, the following must be executed as soon as conveniently possible:

  • Tune piano;
  • Maintain to-do lists;


Save money – After $10,000 is saved and locked off in a long term deposit account, saving of $640 per fortnight must continue in the Netbank Saver.

Savings allocation -

$100 for new car

$100 for holiday

$100 for wedding

$340 for house loan =

$640 TOTAL

 Wish me luck.

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